BOSS side-by-side shotgun to sell

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Double-barrel square bodied, two trigger No. 2 of a pair no. 9347. Side-by-side ejector. Rose and scroll engraving. Barrel 71 cm, stock length heel 38.1 cm, center 37.78 cm, toe 39.27 cm. Bend heel 6.2 cm, comb 3.5 cm, cast off heel 0.63 cm, toe 0.95 cm. Coke 0.2, 0.4. Barrel wordings: Cork Street London. Boss shop address between 1960-1982. The gun was built roughly during the mid 60-ties. I bought the gun in 1996 from a 5star gunmaker in England. It was used before by their client from Kent council. One of the photos shows that the gun was rarely used. Excellent shooting for fazan, portridge, grause with the very best spread and density. Offer includes classic leather and oak case and a book of BOSS & Co history by Donald Dallas.